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III DAYS: The Story of Jonah



Scott Anthony Taylor will be releasing his anticipated second book just in time for Christmas.

The new book is titled, "III Days, The Story of Jonah". Scott is gifted with taking familiar stories of the Bible and making them easy to identify with. This story adaptation is based on the true biblical events of Jonah's battle for life in the belly of a great fish.

This book highlights the three days Jonah lived in unimaginable conditions. How was it possible for him to survive in the stomach of an animal? What was going through Jonah's mind as it all happened? What emotional turmoil must Jonah have experienced those "III Days"? What changed for Jonah at the end of this turmultuous time prompting his release him from his captor?

An inspiring story for the mature Christian and an amazing tool for non-believers, you will experience of the story of Jonah in a brand new way.

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